Growth Planning

Startup Growth

Forecasting for great business decisions

Your business is starting to take off, you have investors in place and now what? How do you assess the impact of your business decisions before putting them in place? Forecasting with Jazoodle is simple yet powerful. Move sliders representing some common management levers and understand the impact on your Profit and loss and future performance. Forecast different scenarios in an instant, and without getting your hands dirty or taking up your precious time

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How do I know if things are going wrong?

A key role of that of founder, is understanding early, when things may be going wrong or could go wrong. It may be the economy is slowing, or underlying costs are outstripping your plans. Jazoodle allows founders to see, via simple traffic lights, how your business is doing. Allowing you to mitigate risk early, or take remedial action early, giving your board confidence in you and your business and ability to spot danger signs early

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Getting your startup business investor ready

Hands up those who relish the thought of bearing all to possibly a hundred potential investors? I thought not. Investor readiness means being able to confidently minimise as much risk in your business as possible. Market risk - does your target market identify with the problem you are solving, and in sufficient numbers? Financial risk - how will the financial structure of your business change over time and will it perform to your plans? Founder risk - are your team sufficiently skilled and adaptable to working with the investor. The list goes on. Jazoodle will help in showing your potential investors that you are across your strategic numbers, and can model future plans in a way that gives confidence

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Sample Pitch Deck (coming soon)

Knowing your numbers (coming soon)

10 mistakes that founders make when pitching (coming soon)

Keep an eye on your current business valuation

Many investors, invest in your business in order to gain a return on the risk they have taken. How do you know if your business is growing in value? Jazoodle's inbuilt valuation module values your business both now, and in the future! Instantly see its current likely value, based upon performance (let's face it, a future exit wlil depend upon this most likely). Also, along with our forecasting module, model different valuation scenarios very quickly, and understand the levers that need changing in order to meet that value. Instant current and future valuation without incurring valuation costs, time for collating data or professional fees before you need to. A fast, and simple guide to ensuring your exit plans are on track!

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Our plans

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Podcast Series For Startup Founders

We will shortly be announcing an exciting mini series of podcasts for startup founders. This series will help you navigate through your startup journey, and include a great bunch of guests, from a prominent Australian startup investor and mentor to startup finance guru, to existing founders on their own journey