SME Cashflow Difficulties Worse Today Than 12 Months Ago

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A recent survey by Apricity Finance for the broker finance community and sourced from Small Business Insider shows that access to cashflow is now tighter than it was 12 months ago. The Apricity’s CEO concludes that “The implications of poor cashflow are well documented…… It is recommended that small businesses who believe cashflow could become an issue is recommended to act early”

Jazoodle completely supports this stance and implores Small and Medium sized businesses to be on top of their numbers, forecast regularly, and act early. “Our solution can help all Xero connected SMEs to be in complete control of the underlying trends within their business, get early warning on some of the danger signs, and also help predict if the health of a business is trending down over time” Says Andrew Paton-Smith, Jazoodle’s founder and CEO